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Frank Bauer

Oil on canvas, 1999
120 x 180 cm
Courtesy Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf
"Sasha (in New York)"
Oil on canvas, 2002
180 x 150 cm
Courtesy Galerie Voss, Düsseldorf


Frank Bauer (1964, lives and works in Düsseldorf) is a painter and a DJ. With a light undertone of melancholia, he portrays his friends in clubs, at a party at someone’s house, or at the end of a long night. Bauer’s paintings are based on photographs of moments that at first glance seem uneventful. But by studying these moments as he paints them, Bauer subtly unveils previously unnoticed details in the interaction between those portrayed. At the same time, his paintings breathe a longing for glamour. He illustrates our desire to – inspired by images from the mass media – see moments in our lives from a distance, as images from a more beautiful, more stylish, better world.

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