Chiara Albertoni

Cyclamen 2 ,oil on canvas, 97/144 cm, 2005
Phalaenopsis 2 ,oil on canvas, 115/106 cm, 2006

18 November 2005
"They don't need it. They have just paper flowers." This is the title Chiara Albertoni's personality, which will be inaugurated at 19,00 at the Vulcano Contemporary Art Gallery of Caivano. The young Venetian artist will present an exhibit of personal works describing an extreme and distant nature, a nature that is disappearing, which slowly becomes a fading memory; vague,ever more faint and undefinable.
The nature of Albertoni is not, for this reason, unrealistic. Quite the contrary. It is real, or better yet, it once was. This exact nature, which the artist discribes in such minute detail and "Da Vincism" is present and, at the same time, is not. Because it hides in its fragility and incapacity to defend itself. Each work appears like a projected image, not depicted on canvas, almost to highlight the transition and the limited time which remains of our world.
The paintings, with their monocromatic style, seem to belong to a mythological dimention, in memory of a time that was, but will never return.The canvas, almost untouched by the bruch or artist's pensil, reflect a poetry, a stillness, taking with them a peace, a quiet emotion that can no longer recognizable in a world moving at one-hundred miles an hour, without contemplation or thought. But the artist has contemplated, observed, obsorbed and, related first to the subject of her work, and then the material of her art, bringing new life to each flower, each snowflake, and everything else she decides to compose.
Nature, therefore, resembles a dream. But hidden within each petal and each leaf, is the force and the hope of immortality and greatness of divine character which overcomes.
Nunzia Silvestro

To know more : http://www.chiaraalbertoni.com

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